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Michael Shane Gibson

Michael S. Gibson is a self-made multi-millionaire who has made a significant impact in the business world. With a track record of starting over 33 companies in more than 17 different industries, he is a true entrepreneurial powerhouse. From the medical and R&D sectors to real estate and finance, Michael has left his mark in various domains. 

 As an analyst, business wealth strategist, and mentor, Michael's expertise lies in uncovering hidden revenue streams, maximizing profits, and unlocking the full potential of companies and individuals. His analytical skills allow him to quickly dissect and evaluate a business's model, identifying foundational flaws and finding previously hidden profit centers. By eliminating waste, streamlining systems, and leveraging connections, Michael helps businesses and entrepreneurs take their ventures to the next level. 

Throughout his career, Michael has worked with entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries, helping them overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success. His ability to unlock opportunities and increase ROI to maximum capacity has generated millions of dollars in additional profits for his clients. 

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“Only 80 million people have to wake up to change the whole world so I am doing my part to tell people what is really going on. My mission is to share the truth and show people there is a better way we can do business where everyone wins. I don’t have to win at your expense, we can both win. If I can make 1000 of you millionaires, we could change the world overnight.”

- Michael S. Gibson

Over the course of his 30-year-long career as an entrepreneur, Michael has owned 33 businesses in 17 industries. This vast amount of knowledge and hands-on business experience allowed him to become an authority in business, finance, real estate, and investments.

Combining all three decades of his experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, Michael has turned his understanding of the game into a proven, methodical system. His work cures ailing companies through six core tenants that can be learned by any entrepreneur with the drive and desire to succeed.

For almost a decade, Michael has built multiple seven-figure companies. As a thriving entrepreneur adept at building and nurturing successful businesses, he grasps the challenge of balancing multiple roles. His key message is to empower you to optimize your business and make wise financial decisions, bolstering your confidence in the future, and enhancing your ability to excel as a dedicated parent and partner.

Michael liberates business owners from their financial burdens by showing them how to fix what’s broken, maximize their potential revenue, and create a sustainable, scalable business model that will create lifelong success. He has worked with countless companies to help them prepare for and propel through rapid stages of growth.

Michael’s work includes:

  • Analyzing what’s wrong with your current model

  • Creating a model that works and is scalable

  • Securing the funding needed to grow

  • Bulletproofing your assets

  • Opening opportunities for passive income that funds other ventures and interests

With over 30 years of business and investment knowledge, Michael’s philosophy on business and life corresponds with the adage, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” As a young child and teenager, Michael endured tragic adversities that taught him the value of resilience. Although these challenges were isolating and difficult to experience, his determination and desire to succeed only became stronger.

During his freshman year of college, Michael’s life shifted when a lumber truck collided with his car and ended his dreams of playing collegiate football. Searching for a new direction in life, Michael stumbled into his first real estate deal at age 22, using a creative deal structure and owner financing. Within three years, he leveraged that first deal into a real estate portfolio worth over $5 million dollars.

Perservering Through Loss

Providing a Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Winning the Game of Business

Balancing Business and Family Roles

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