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Funding Liaison

The Liaison Program™ provides a business opportunity for individuals that allows you to earn commissions by connecting real estate investors and business owners seeking capital with Ascension Funding Group (AFG). When a loan or deal closes, you are paid for the referral.

Motivated individuals who wish to earn extra income in their spare time have the opportunity to earn commissions by attending events and searching for business owners and investors seeking capital outside of local banks. The Liaison Program provides the potential to financially benefit Liaisons by leveraging their spare time to work in a financial field with very little capital contribution.

The Liaison Program offers to each Liaison a 10% commission of the fees earned by AFG for closing a loan with a borrower.

A class is taught twice a week. In this class, AFG staff provides updates on new product information that is found throughout the week so they may consult with their contacts to determine if the new product can be utilized.

On occasion, Michael Gibson (AFG President) will join the class and teach the Liaisons about real estate and other business opportunities that are available.

What's Included:

Virtual class  - 2 days per week

Specialized lending criteria, vetting tools and training materials

Access to AFG staff to get real time access to information

Access to Michael Gibson's Distressed Assets Masterclass

A secure link to allow prospects to enter deal information for review

Access to a private Team Features Page

Opportunities for advancement to the Lead Liaison Team

  • Ascension Funding Liaison

    Every month
    +$299 AFG Liaison Registration Fee
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